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Pay-Per-View Platform for Live Streaming Your Events Online


Broadcast your programmes under your own domain, with your own brand identity and gain revenue from the tickets you sell. We offer the easiest and most secure pay-per-view platform on the market. We have been delivering hybrid and virtual event solutions, from sports, to concerts and conferences from anywhere in the UK and Europe for over 18 years.

Pay Per View Streaming Transmisja

Broadcast under your own domain, with your own branding

Pay Per View Streaming Płatność

Easy and fast payment processing

Pay Per View Streaming Sygnał

Uninterrupted and stable video stream

Pay Per View Streaming Bezpieczeństwo

Secure and safe, with piracy and theft prevention built in

Pay Per View Streaming AR

Augmented reality technology

Our productions

PPV Stream Fame MMA


Pay Per View Streaming Social Gloves

Social Gloves USA

Pay Per View Streaming Clash of the Stars

Clash of the Stars

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PPV Stream Wicked n bad

Wicked N' Bad Dubai

PPV Stream Kingpyn


PPV Stream Showstar UK vs USA

Showstar UK vs USA

PPV Stream Prime Show MMA

Prime Show MMA


Fight Exclusive Night

Pay Per View Streaming Punch Down

Punch Down



PPV Stream Octagon No Mercy

Octagon No Mercy

PPV Stream EFM


PPV Stream KSW


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Everything you need

Select the features and functionalities of the platform according to your needs. Say goodbye to embarrassing delays and unauthorized access to your video content. Our dedicated professional technical crew will handle everything for you.
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Your own custom‑built page

You get your tailor made video platforms that allow broadcasting your video content to unlimited sized audiences. You can broadcast live any type of PPV stream or monetize your archive video content. We go far beyond self-service pay per view software. We are a technology company delivering video programming solutions, and we build professional internet applications for content creators whose audiences count in hundreds of thousands. We partner with leading multi-CDNs such as Akamai, Amazon AWS, Cloudflare and Google Cloud and use cutting-edge webcasting technology.

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Pay Per View Streaming Fame

Mobile app

Our team can build a dedicated mobile app to make sure your audiences can access your live events and VOD content from any device. Your app will be available in Google Play and App Store.

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PPV Stream Google Play
Pay Per View Streaming Mobile App

Security and content protection

We use advanced content protection and security features. We have solutions that allow us to monitor illegal streaming on other platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc.) and block it in real time.

Fast payments

Our solutions enable fast and secure payment processing. Enjoy full control over price tags, single payments or recurring subscriptions.

  • Payments handled in more than 60 currencies

  • Various subscription options available

  • Affiliate sales programmes available on tap

  • Fully automated realization of sales orders

  • Video content protection

  • Multi-camera player

  • Concurrent multilingual service

  • Timeline markers

  • Access to archive video content (VOD)

PPV Stream Płatność

Flexible monetization options

In order for you to generate maximum revenue from your video content, we offer various ways for your audiences to get access to your stream. Create various sales plans, use a discount system or an affiliate programme and let your viewers promote your event on their own websites. If you organize a recurring event, you might want to use our VOD platform and let your audiences buy access to video materials from your past events too.

PPV Stream Pakiety

Streaming from multiple studios, stages, or venues

Engage your audience and host interactive streams. Allow your audiences to become part of the action and post comments, change cameras in real time and have a real impact on what they experience.

PPV Stream Oglądaj

Use the power or virtual and augmented reality

Add augmented reality effects to your live video in real time. Design a unique virtual TV studio with us.

PPV Stream Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Take your virtual audience's experience to the next level. Add special effects to your video set in the real world. We use advanced video and real-time multimedia delivery mechanisms to enrich your shows and presentations. Augmented reality will make your broadcast an extraordinary spectacle.

PPV Stream Virtual Reality

Virtual studio

Let us design a unique branded virtual studio for your event. You can use it to host the whole event or just add a commentary to your sports event, for example. It is an excellent way to surprise your viewers and outdo your competition.

Esports and gaming

Augmented reality is becoming highly popular in live broadcasts from esports events and tournaments. Virtual reality with elements of a video game superimposed on the live video from an actual event makes a unique experience for the audience, where the event and video game experiences overlap.

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Pay Per View Streaming Gaming

AR in live streaming

Use the augmented reality technology in your sports event and take your live stream to the next level. It will allow viewers to instantly access additional information about the players, check their strong and weak points and their achievements, while offering many additional branding and sponsorship opportunities.

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Pay Per View Streaming AR

We're ready to take on any event

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